Kayser Enneking

Florida Senate District 8
Updated: August 7, 2018


Dr. Kayser Enneking for our health, for our community.

Dr. Kayser Enneking is the right choice to put North Central Florida back on the path to success. An Alachua County native, Kayser’s three decades of experience as a doctor at University of Florida Health gives her a unique perspective on the issues facing North Central Florida. She cares and has cared for our community. Kayser knows Tallahassee needs a new prescription and she will go to the State Senate and champion the issues that are most important to our families — protecting and supporting our public schools & increasing access to quality healthcare. No one should fear they are one illness away from bankruptcy and no one should be denied coverage for a pre-existing conditions. And Kayser knows you can’t have a strong community without strong public schools.

Keith Perry has failed North Central Florida. Keith Perry has put his personal profit motives above those of the community, and in doing so has taken votes to destroy our public schools, restrict our access to healthcare, and contaminate our drinking water. We need new leadership in Tallahassee, and we need it now.

About Kayser

Dr. Kayser Enneking grew up in Gainesville and is a physician and anesthesiologist at UF Health. Kayser is running because she believes that science, basic facts, and common sense are under attack in politics today. If elected Kayser would be the only medical doctor in the State Senate and will use her medical experience to create change for middle class families with affordable healthcare, lower prescription drug prices, fair taxes, and strong public schools.


EDUCATION: Kayser used education as a ladder to success– working her way from Gainesville High to a professor and physician at UF Medical School. Kayser will invest in local public schools to strengthen communities, will improve science, tech, and math teaching in K-12 schools, and will fight to expand Bright Future scholarships so more students can afford to attend college.

HEALTHCARE: As a physician, Kayser Enneking knows our healthcare system needs help. Health insurance costs are out of control, big pharma companies overcharge for prescriptions, and not everyone has access to quality, affordable care. In the State Senate, Kayser will work to improve the affordability and availability of care for all Floridians by fighting to expand Medicaid and using her medical expertise to fix our healthcare system.

There are also issues that, in addition to education and healthcare, speak directly to the concerns of Democratic voters, especially those in the neglected Black communities of North Central Florida:

GUN SAFETY: Kayser knows the operating room as well as her living room. As a physician, she has seen how a single bullet can harm the human body, and the pain it inflicts on families and communities. After recent mass shootings, especially in Parkland, Kayser is committed to pushing for commonsense gun safety, with background checks on all gun purchases. Kayser will fight to keep assault weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill to make communities safer.

REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND: Kayser is entirely opposed to Florida’s “stand your ground laws” which have been used to justify the killing of innocent people of color throughout the state. Kayser is outraged by Keith Perry’s vote to expand this bad law in 2017, a vote that only served to make it easier for murderers to walk free after killing people of color in cold blood. In the State Senate, Kayser will fight to repeal this dangerous and racist law.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Like many other Floridians Kayser sees fundamental problems with the State’s current criminal justice system that prioritizes continued incarceration over rehabilitation. In the State Senate, Kayser will fight to end policies that trap people in the criminal justice system by fighting to legalize recreational marijuana and repeal mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes.

About Keith Perry

Keith Perry is a Tallahassee politician whose votes have hurt local people. He has done the bidding of special interests instead of looking out for North Central Florida.


Keith Perry is in it for himself, not the people of this district.

EDUCATION: Perry’s votes have caused local public schools to lose millions and sent local tax dollars to private, for-profit schools. Perry’s agenda has been called a “War on Public Schools” because his votes have threatened local school closures and have cut take-home pay and retirement for teachers.

DRINKING WATER: Perry sponsored a bill in the State Senate to refill our fresh drinking water with treated sewage water, from human waste. Perry even said he voted this way to “improve water quality in the aquifer.” Perry voted to contaminate Florida’s drinking water with human waste, risking the health of local residents.

WAGE THEFT: Keith Perry has a history of taking advantage of his workers. Perry was sued five times and was found guilty of wage theft, failing to pay hourly workers their fair share for the time they worked. Then Perry went to Tallahassee and changed state laws, making it harder for underpaid workers to file a complaint if bosses like Perry refuse to pay them.

In addition to the above, Perry has taken other votes that also disproportionately impact African-American communities, such as:

STAND YOUR GROUND: In 2017 Keith Perry voted to expand Florida’s “stand your ground law”, forcing prosecutors to prove that an individual did kill in self defense. This is now the only situation where the burden of proof is on the prosecution when it comes to an affirmative defense. This is been cited as the reason why the killer of Markeis McGlockton has not been charged with murder.

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