David Perez

Florida Senate District 36
Updated: August 10, 2018


David Perez’s family came to the United States from Cuba in search of the American Dream, and David has dedicated his life to serving the community where they found it — Dade County. David is a professional firefighter / paramedic and currently serves as a the PTA president of his son’s elementary school. Before becoming a firefighter, David served as a top aide to Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas. David is running for the Florida Senate to be a forceful advocate for public school funding, including increasing teacher pay, passing common sense gun reforms, and expanding affordable health care coverage by strengthening and protecting the Affordable Care Act.

In his six years in the Florida House, Republican Manny Diaz Jr. has used his position to promote special interests over the people of Miami-Dade. As the chair of the education appropriations subcommittee, Manny Diaz was a leader in shifting money away from our public schools toward for-profit charters. He personally profited from this move as the chief operating officer of a large for-profit charter school in his district. Rep Diaz has consistently voted to weaken Floridians’ access to affordable health care; opposed any restrictions on guns; and voted to decertify teachers’ unions and put guns on school campuses.

About David

David is a professional paramedic/firefighter and union representative who currently serves as the PTA president of a local elementary school and is a former top aide to Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas. As a fire lieutenant, he led disaster preparedness and relief efforts for Hurricanes Matthew, Erika, and Irma. He lives in Hialeah with his wife and son.


EDUCATION: David Perez will fight against Republican efforts to shift money away from traditional public schools toward for-profit charter schools.

GUN SAFETY: David Perez will advocate for common sense gun safety measures including banning military-style assault weapons in Florida, and keeping guns out of our kids’ classrooms.

HEALTHCARE: David Perez will protect our access to affordable health care by bringing the cost of health insurance under control and expanding Medicaid.

About Manny Diaz, Jr.

Rep. Manny Diaz has gone to Tallahassee to serve the interests of the for-profit charter school industry. He has consistently voted to take funding away from traditional public schools and advocated against common-sense gun safety measures, including an assault weapons ban. Rep Diaz has put the interests of large corporations before those of Northwest Dade County.


PERSONAL PROFIT: Manny Diaz, Jr. collects four times his legislator salary on the payroll of one of the state’s largest for-profit charter school companies and has shepherded efforts — including sponsoring the disastrous HB 7069 — to take millions of dollars away from traditional public schools in favor of for-profit charters and to silence local school boards that oppose charter schools.

SECRET BUDGET: Manny Diaz, Jr. is part of the GOP leadership in Tallahassee that created a budget in secret, behind closed doors with no public input. He took large sums of money from the insurance industry then voted to make it harder for consumers to collect damages.

GUN SAFETY: Manny Diaz, Jr. opposes any restrictions on military-style weapons. After the Parkland shooting, Rep. Diaz Jr. openly mocked the teenage survivors and refused to consider any ban on assault rifles. Instead, he voted for an unfunded mandate to put more guns in schools.

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