Janet Cruz

Florida Senate District 18
Updated: August 9, 2018

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Janet Cruz fights for what matters to Hillsborough families. As a working mother and a successful businesswoman raised by a single mom, she understands the importance of strong public schools and affordable healthcare.

Dana Young has sold out Hillsborough families. She cast votes that helped increase her net worth by 1000%; and at the same time, she raised property taxes, cut the take-home pay of teachers, nurses, and firefighters, and cut funding for Hillsborough schools and college scholarships.

About Janet

Janet is a lifelong Tampa resident, raised by her single mother of three who worked in a factory for thirty-five years to provide for her children. With hard work and perseverance as a working mom, Cruz became a successful businesswoman. She is the first of her generation to attend college, and has fought for Hillsborough public schools, affordable healthcare, good paying jobs, and real tax cuts for Hillsborough homeowners and small businesses. She believes middle class families deserve a break to keep up with the rising cost of living.

Janet Cruz’s personal story is important to tell in this swing senate seat – especially among independents and among younger and middle-aged women.


EDUCATION: Janet Cruz is a product of Hillsborough schools and understands the importance of a quality education. She was raised near West Tampa, became a mother at a young age, but worked hard to graduate high school, when her daughter was just months old. She went to Hillsborough Community College and started a business to provide for her family. Cruz has always fought for Hillsborough public schools and says it’s time to raise teacher pay, increase job skills training, and expand Bright Future scholarships so more students are prepared for a college education and are career-ready.

HEALTHCARE: As a healthcare professional, Janet Cruz knows our healthcare system is not working and costs are too high. Health insurance companies are gouging working families, big drug companies overcharge for prescriptions, and not everyone has access to quality, affordable care. In the State Senate, Cruz will fight to lower health care costs for all Floridians, expand access to Medicaid for hard working Floridians, and take on big insurers and pharmaceutical companies to drive costs down.

About Dana Young

Dana Young is in it for herself and her special interest friends – not Florida families.


SELF-DEALING: Young’s net worth has increased over one thousand percent since she was elected to the legislature, to nearly five million dollars. Her family’s private equity firm has made millions, and Young has cast numerous votes, and sponsored legislation, that helped her family’s private equity company pocket millions.

EDUCATION: Young voted to cut $1.3 billion dollars from public school classrooms, forcing Hillsborough teachers to do more with less. Young also gutted the state’s Bright Futures college scholarship program, making it harder to get a quality education and more expensive to afford a college degree. Because of Young’s cuts to Hillsborough’s schools, campuses now face classroom funding shortages, water quality issues, and even in some cases a lack of air conditioning.

HOMEOWNER TAXES: And in the legislature, Young voted to give big corporations hundreds of millions in tax handouts, while also voting to raise property taxes by five hundred million dollars and to allow insurance companies to raise rates on homeowners by fifteen percent.

Of particular concern to Hispanic communities, as well as African-American and other heavily Democratic neighborhoods, will be Dana Young’s record catering to the gun lobby and putting more guns in school classrooms:

GUN SAFETY: After the Parkland school shooting, Young skipped out on a vote to decide if Florida should allow more military style assault weapons in the state. Young lacked the courage to cast a vote on the issue, returning to her desk after the vote had ended. When she did show up, Young catered to the gun lobby, voting to allow guns on college campuses and to arm local school teachers with guns in the classroom.

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